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Sugar's Amazon price checker is a tool to track product prices and send notifications when prices drop. It helps you find the best deals and save money with an easy to use browser extention.

How Sugar’s Amazon price drop checker works?

Install the sugar extention
Search for any product you want
Click on the Sugar floating icon
Add the product to the price checking
Check the graph for historical prices and get notified when the price changes
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How do I check and monitor prices on Amazon?

Sugar's Amazon price checker helps you keep tabs on product prices and get notified whenever the prices change. It allows you to check the historical prices of any of the products on Amazon, track international Amazon prices, and monitor price updates. To do this simply go to any product on Amazon, launch the Sugar extension by clicking on the floating icon and add the product to your monitoring list.

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What’s an Amazon price checker?

An Amazon price checker is an online tool that allows shoppers to compare product price changes and fluctuations.
It also allows users to track the same product's price in different locations on Amazon, finding the best deal for the same product.

How to check and find the best price for an item on Amazon?

To make sure you buy the product at the right time, you have to install the Sugar smart shopping extension.
Then go to any product on amazon, click on the Sugar floating icon, and immediately get an understanding of whether the price is at the historical minimum point or at its highest.
Not sure whether its the right time to buy? Add the product to your watchlist and get notified whenever the price drops.

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Additional features

When using the Sugar extension, you can also get the product's price graph, price history, and price drop alert for free!