Amazon product history checker

Get ahead of the game and uncover any product price graph and history before you buy and avoid questionable deals

How Sugar’s Amazon price drop alert works?

Install the sugar extension
Go to any product on Amazon
Click on the Sugar floating icon
Sugar will show your product’s history
What does an Amazon product history tracker do?
Sugar's Amazon price history tracker goes over the entire Amazon inventory daily, and for some products even more than once, and keeps a log of the changes in the product (price, description, images) at any given point.
When you use the product history tracker, you can watch the price and other changes in the product page on amazon across the timeline. For example, you can see the fluctuations in the item's price or when the item went out of stock.
This way, you can decide whether it's the right time to buy the product or expect a price drop or a new product launch soon.
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How Sugar checks Amazon’s product price history?
Sugar uses crowd wisdom together with algorithms that scan the web looking for price changes on Millions of products daily.
Then we simply place it on a graph whenever you go on Amazon to check the item's price history
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Additional features
Some products have different price points at different times, some are seasonal, and some rarely change their price.
It's commonly referred to as "dynamic pricing". The sugar suite helps you beat the dynamic pricing model and get the product you want at the right time!