Amazon Price drop alert

Get notified whenever the price drops on any of your favorite products for free!

How Sugar’s Amazon price drop alert works?

Install the sugar extention
Go to any product on Amazon
Add the product to your wish list
Define The Price Drop Sensisivity
Start getting amazon price drop notifications
What does an Amazon drop alert do?
Prices change daily, and sometimes more than that. That's what the industry calls "Dynamic pricing."
Price drop alerts notify the user (you) whenever there is a significant price drop for any item on your "watch list."
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How Sugar’s price drop alerts saves you money?
We all know that prices change according to the seasons and even the time of day, especially on eCommerce.
Sugar's price drop alert whenever you add a product to your "watch list," Sugar starts tracking its price for significant changes.
Once the price drops beyond the threshold you defined, we'll pop a notification to your browser letting you know the price dropped for an item in your watchlist.
For example, if the price drops by 15%, you'll get a notification to your browser, saving you 15% on your order.
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Additional features
Some products have different price points at different times, some are seasonal, and some rarely change their price.
It's commonly referred to as "dynamic pricing" The sugar suite helps you beat the dynamic pricing model and get the product you want at the right time!