Amazon price history

Track Amazon prices by using Sugar's Amazon price graph feature. Compare product prices & find the best deals. Get the best deals with Amazon price history tracking.

How Sugar’s Amazon price history works?

Install the sugar extention
Go to any product on Amazon
Click on the Sugar floating icon
Sugar will show the price history of this product
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How to check price history on Amazon?

Amazon uses dynamic prices on most of its products, which means that almost every product's price often changes.
To check the history of these price changes, simply choose any product on Amazon, click on the sugar floating icon and choose "Show price graph".

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How Sugar tracks Amazon’s price history?

Sugar tracks every product on Amazon for its price history by utilizing the community power together with available eTail APIs to track and log price changes on any product.

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Additional features

Sugar also offers free additional features like showing product price graphs, product history, and price drop alerts.