Amazon Price Tracker

Get ahead of the game and uncover any product price graph and history before you buy and avoid questionable deals

How Sugar’s Amazon price tracker works?

Install the sugar extention
Go to any product on Amazon
Add the product to your wish list
Define The Tracking Times and discount rate
Get notified when the price changes
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What does an Amazon price tracker do?

Amazon price trackers scan Millions of Amazon products daily, and sometimes multiple times per day, for price fluctuations and alert users whenever there is a change in price for a specific product.
Sugar's free Amazon price tracker Extention constantly monitors millions of products on Amazon. So whenever you add a product to your price tracking list, Sugar alerts you when prices drop, helping you buy a product at the ultimate price point.

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Smart Shopping With Sugar

How Sugar’s Amazon price tracker saves you money?

Whenever you add a product to your wishlist, Sugar adds this product to our tracking algorithm and notifies you whenever there is a significant price fluctuation.
Then when the price reaches a lower-than-average price point, you get a notification to your browser so you can buy the product at the ultimate price point.

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Price Monitoring

Additional features

Sugar's innovative smart shopping browser extension also includes an inbuilt price graph, a price history screen, and price monitoring abilities.

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“I love Sugar! It helps me to know if the discount is real or fake!”

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“Sugar, helps me saves $$ on any purchase I make on Amazon!”

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“Absolutely love it! Helped me save a lot of money on “fake discounts”

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