Sugar, Price Tracker For eCommerce

Monitor prices, extract price graphs on any products, and shop smarter The best part? Sugar is free to use.

How it works

1 Install the Sugar extension on your chrome / firefox browser
2 Shopping on Amazon? Sugar kicks in and automatically extract a price graph history on the product you watch.
3 Not ready / not the right time to buy your product? Sugar will notify you whenever there's a price drop.


Amazon Price Graph

Shopping online or just window shopping? Sugar automatically shows the latest Price History graph, so you know if it's the right time to buy or that discount is not so great.
Price changes / Day
Sugar: Trend Up
Sugar uses report more than 40,000 price changes daily

Price drop alert

Discounts come and go, Sugar allows you to add products to your wishlist, and we'll notify you whenever the price changes. And yes, it's fully customizable, so you can let us know when a discount is big enough to update you on.
Change in price


Products Monitored
$ 400,000 Saved
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